Yom Kippur Kol Nidrei Service

Celebrate the High Holy Days with Temple Beth Hillel

Dear Temple Beth Hillel Members and Friends! Welcome to our High Holy Days website where you can learn about the many offerings we have planned. Temple Beth Hillel clergy and staff have developed meaningful programming across the month of Elul, which you can find by visiting the Elul page and clicking on an image to learn more. Each program offers you the opportunity to register, and if you can, to donate. If you are not a paid member of Temple Beth Hillel we ask you to please consider making a more significant donation of support. Any level of contribution is deeply appreciated!

A special message from Margie Meadow
Co-president of Temple Beth Hillel
A welcome message from
Temple Beth Hillel members

High Holy Days messages from our elected leaders

Our souls come to life as we hear the sounds of the High Holy Day liturgy. 

In preparation for the season, here are a few songs to help in reflection.

Adonai Ro’i – Psalm 23 – Arrangement by Cohen and featuring Shira Fox
Avinu Malkeinu – Composed by Janowski and featuring Shira Fox
Kedushah – Composed by Skloff and featuring Shira Fox
Adonai Roi – Cohen   Piano: Diane Lindsay | Cello: Helen Altenbach | Recording Engineer: Wayne Peet
Avinu Malkeinu – Janowski   Piano: Diane Lindsay | Cello: Helen Altenbach | Choir: Ayana Haviv, Elizabeth Anderson, Todd Strange, James Hayden | Recording Engineer: Wayne Peet
Kedusha – Skloff   Piano: Diane Lindsay | Choir: Ayana Haviv, Elizabeth Anderson, Todd Strange, James Hayden | Recording Engineer: Wayne Peet

Enjoy some videos from Temple Beth Hillel 

Hear the shofar sound with some of our George Friedman Shofar Corps members!
Shana Tovah from the Schnider family

Join TBH Clergy during Shabbat services each of the four Friday nights leading up to Rosh Hashanah and hear the sounding of the shofar.


Join TBH Clergy for a special Torah study dedicated to learning about and discussing the rules on how to make your own Sukkot! Create a sacred space for your family this High Holy Days Season.


Join us for this special weekly cooking series for Elul hosted by Rabbi Sarah Hronsky, Shana Dienstag, Shanti Greenspan, and Aviva Eagle. Have fun making Apple kugel, round challah baking and matzah ball soup.


Join the TBH Clergy as we explore setting an intended space to prepare for High Holy Days at home. Together we will thoughtfully and intentionally plan for a meaningful High Holy Days experience.


Join Rabbi Sarah for this important 2-part series on creating an ethical will to pass on to your children and grandchildren. Join this two-part course on Sep. 1 and Sep. 8 as we address our mortality.

Join Temple Beth Hillel Clergy for an evening of meditation, journal reflection, and High Holy Days music.
TBH Members only opportunity. Miss the sanctuary? You and your family can sign up for a 20-minute period of time to be alone in our sanctuary during aserety yomei teshuvah – the 10 days of repentance. From Sept. 21-25.
Join your Temple Beth Hillel clergy each day of Elul as we share a reading from the Temple Beth Hillel High High Holy Days prayer book (Machzor) and a reflection.

Upcoming Events